Monica Czarny

Seattle Washington

I’m an internet aficionado, with geekery originating from Chicago.

As an engineer with the heart of a marketer, I value craftsmanship and enjoy talking about what I’ve built.

I studied Computer Engineering at UIUC and worked as a PM for XL to XS companies, including starting my own. As an ex-Microsoftie I love data and building platforms because they are empowering. I know a job is well done when others do better.

I chase fun opportunities to build innovative, high-impact products that improve our world. Technology is my fire and I’m curious about observing then driving human behaviors. Don’t worry, I use this power for only good.

Other terrible conditions / interests: being a beauty junkie, consumer hardware, design tools, quirky art, e-commerce, videography, fitness, non-standard web design, blueberry picking.

  • Education
    • Computer Engineering at UIUC