Mónica Löwenberg

Monica Lowenberg was born in Mexico
City, and as of a young age, showed a special interest
as well as a flair for professional growth within the wonderful world of the
Fine Arts, her talent in painting has been an essential motivation in her life,
without forgetting the pleasures of composing music and writing.

The zeal to better herself, converted her into a self-taught artist,
which in turn led her to the investigation and discovery of different
techiniques in painting, as well as different workshops in Spain, New
York, Mexico
City and where she now lives in Cuernavaca Morelos.

She graduated as a Graphic Designer, a profession which helped her cross
a bridge to get into the world of colours and shapes and to find a pictorial
language, very characteristic of her work.

Her topic, catches and is able to capture the most subliminal sentiments
of the Human Being, by expressing the complete spiritual goodness, with
simplicity and warmth. Her work confirms
the taste for combined techniques, oils, acrylic and inks giving way to a
contemporary style.