Monica Ferreira

Designer, Student, and server in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Hi, I’m Monica. I’m a 20 year old, full time student in Creative Industries at Ryerson University with a passion for design. I live in Toronto Ontario, Canada and hope to launch a local, and eventually, a global business in the near future. My twin sister and I are utilizing our area of study in order to create a swimwear and lingerie brand. You can follow my personal Instagram account by clicking the icon below, as well as access Moelle's Instagram account, mainly displaying inspiration for my upcoming designs, by clicking the link above.

I enjoy all forms of art, in addition to fashion design, and am working diligently to improve my portfolio for future endeavours.

Apart from my plans to become a designer, I am minoring in philosophy at Ryerson and am currently working two jobs.

For now, my goals revolve around building my personal brand and creating an audience to showcase my creative work to.