Monica Silva

Since August 1999, I have had the honor of holding a distinguished title: teacher. To me, there is nothing more important than guiding children on a learning journey. Each year I am privileged to share a classroom with brilliant, bubbly young minds. Fostering curiosity, a life of learning and the joy of accomplishment has me going to school each day guiding groups of children on their path through school. Learning is fun; sharing that personal truth is a joy. Teaching a child to read is one of the most satisfying accomplishments I have experienced. Watching a child turn the corner of confusion to finally understand a concept excites me. Seeing a timid student raise her hand after weeks of encouraging her to participate in class discussions is exhilarating. Essentially, facilitating the growth, both academic and emotional, of another human being is deeply rewarding. I teach because I know that dedication and devotion to children makes our world better, one precious child at a time. I hope to help each student discover his or her unique gifts this year.