My Name is Monica Vallier. I was born and raised in Metro Detroit. Being passionate about cooking started when I was really young. At the age of 6 I would get up early and make breakfast for my family. I would make a Big Fluffy Pancake from a Kids recipe book my mom had gotten me. Believe it or not I still have this cookbook which is called Betty Crocker’s Cooking with Kids.
After graduating high school I packed up my bags and went off to culinary school in Traverse City, Michigan. I have worked at several different restaurants in or near Traverse City. Many of the restaurants are very focused on using local products that are fresh and healthy. This opened my eyes to cooking healthier. Farmers markets in Northern Michigan are amazing I love being able to get fresh food that has just been picked, caught, or butchered earlier that morning. You can’t get any fresher.
Have just recently moved back to Metro Detroit to grow and peruse my culinary career to its highest potential. I am currently working in a restaurant in the Metro Detroit area. Cooking for people and my family brings me joy when they love something I have just cooked or baked for them. Trying new recipe and learning new dishes of all cuisines expands my knowledge and experience in the culinary industry.

I hope you have some fun and learn something from reading my blog. I encourage any types of comments that are posted to me positive or negative. If there are any questions you have about cooking, restaurants, local food in Michigan and anything else please feel free to contact me. I will try and answer your questions to my best capabilities.