Monica Worth


I was born and raised in Texas, i currently live in the country but will soon be going back into the city <3
My future plans are to move to New York (who knows what city) for a few months in 2014 (towards the end) and to love myself, and the life i live.
I'm a simple girl, really. i love writing, listening to music, taking pictures (usually not of myself) i cut my own hair from time to time, and i love experimenting with makeup.
Monica Worth is not my real name. I used a different name because who doesn't like running from who they've been? But everything i write is the truth. I can't lie to myself. Writing has always been my best form of honesty.
I am young: not old enough to smoke, not old enough to drink, barely old enough to drive. Yupp.
This is my clean slate. I am going to reinvent myself, and you are following my journey through it if you read my blog or follow me on twitter. (: