Zombie Girl Art

San Marcos, TX

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Hello and welcome. I am a lover of art music nature animals people design fashion interior design to name a few. I am originally from northen Oklahoma and moved to central Texas when I was about fifteen years old. I got my Associates in Art at Temple College and then moved to San Marcos where I went to Texas State University and received my Bachelors in Studio Art December 2010. I still reside in San Marcos and my apartment has doubled as an art studio where I paint figurative pieces and capture photo art with my Nikon. Not to mention the time I spend chasing my kitties Gizmo and Lexi around acting like I'm a zombie about to eat their brains. I tell ya they love it! I recently let my two bull frogs Bonnie and Claudia go at the Five Mile Dam to live their little froggy lives. I will be back soon to visit. I also like to rearrange my apartment atleast once a month so it feels like a new place. It is always fun and exciting to see things differently. I love going on hikes here in San Marcos but mainly at Miller Springs in Belton, TX. Lots more acrage and always a new place to explore. I enjoy hanging with my awesome friends because they are always up for anything and they love to dance even if they aren't that great at it...like me. haha. Oh yeah! I'm a huge zombie fan since birth...okay like elementery school. Remake of Night of the Living Dead scared the crap out of me and I have loved zombies and have been painting them since. That and romantic comedies are my fav movie genre.

  • Work
    • Artist, Commission Painter, Beauty Consultant
  • Education
    • Texas State University- Bachelors in Studio Art