Monica Brooks

Financial Educator, Healthcare Exec., Realtor and Event Rental Owner in the United States

"Assisting and Inspiring Those To Build A Legacy."

Providing financial education to families, individuals, businesses, and our communities through out North America!

Every life event represents a possible change in your financial future!

Change in marital status

Buying or selling real estate

Birth or adoption of a child

Relocation to a new state

Change of employment

Change in financial status

Planning a vacation

Child turning 18

Caring for a pet

Birth of a grandchild

Individual or family illness


Losing a loved one

Home or assisted living care

Take a minute and ask yourself:

What is really important?
What is your WHY?

When you have an answer to what is really important and you know your WHY.... you will find that determination, motivation, and faith to make any necessary changes in your life in order to achieve the life you want to live and build / leave a legacy!

Monica Brooks
Financial Education, Planning, Development and Services, Healthcare Executive, Event Coordinator, Realtor
(520) 419.5767
Life & Health Licensed in AZ & CA

  • Work
    • WFG / HST / Realtor / AIOAE
  • Education
    • Life & Health License (AZ & CA)
    • Hogan Real Estate
    • Pima Community College