Monica da Silva

Belém, Brazil

Mônica da Silva describes herself as a dichotomy. Growing up between the conservative Midwest, USA, and wild and free Belém, Brazil, has helped to define her as both a person and an artist. “I’ve always been inspired by life’s adventures”, she says. “I’m all about living my life to the fullest, doing everything 100%, being in love, seizing the day, having fun, accepting people from all walks of life. Those messages are very important to me as a person. I’m always trying to spread the love. I really want to spread those vibes through my music.”

In her music, which Mônica describes as Indie Nova, she neatly brings together her Brazilian and American sides, making softly sensual indie pop that casts its tendrils around Rio MPB (Brazilian popular music). “Da Silva is doing something unique with Brazilian music, following her own Muse, and sounding spectacular ”, says Chris Nickson (The NPR Curious Listener’s Guide To World Music). Putumayo World Music included Mônica’s “Aí Então” on their compilation “Brazilian Beat”.

Mônica's song "That's Not The Way" was featured in the ESPN coverage of the World Cup 2014. She just released an EP called "In This Game" with her new project, Complicated Animals. The EP premiered on PopMatters, NPR, and MTV Brasil.

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