Dlamini Monica

Teacher in Pimville Zone 7, South Africa

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I am a student teacher at the University of Johannesburg currently living in Pimville Zone 7, South Africa. My interests range from music to movies. I am also interested in education . I chose to enroll for the Bachelors Degree in the field of Education because I want to stimulate the learners to be enthusiastic about learning. I urge to be a teacher who will persuade learners to desire discovering new things through learning. I want to be be a future teacher who will help the learners to express their inner potential, because I believe every person is naturally intelligent.

As a future teacher I aim to convince learners to use their potential effectively so that they can have a bright vision for their future. I want to add to the minority teachers who manage to accommodate all learners according their different learning abilities because our country is broadly diversified. My vision as a future teacher is to see learners confidently eager to reveal their capabilities and to see learners eager to explore new things about the world in order to become better citizens in future.

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