Monica Dover Edwards

Born on August 11, 1978; Monica Lea Dover, was an over whelmingly charismatic child. Beautiful golden skin, honey blond hair flowing hair and blue eyes, her petite frame and demure ambience from a distance was a far cry from the the stero-typical "girl next door", that you would expect. By the age of 3, her family members state that they "knew there was something special about this little gem"; or "there was a certain life and energy that raced in the air around her from the time she could walk. A desire to move mountains, a free spirit like a wild Mustang, a vision of embracing the world, touching humanity - You could watch blazing blue fire dancing passionately in those little blue eyes by the age of three", says another close family source. In all that she touched, there was an insignet of her heart. A piece of her soul. A mark of her personal flare. She intended, no insisted that she "tattoo the world" that she embraced so tenderly. Tangibly - intangibly; "it is a canvas, you see. We are responsible for placing our own mark upon it. As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there is no such thing as an ugly life - or ugly art. Everyone has colors that run together, turning into a big brownish black blot. It doesn't matter if your entire canvas should turn into putrid brown. As humans, as artists; we simply allow the blurp to dry. Then we begin to paint over it. In the end, it's the numbers of layers of paint that protect us against the weathering world. In the end, it's the colors that lay beneath our final art work that tell our story. The perfect picture, the perfect canvas is worthless - there is no worry, no sweat, no texture to a flat one coat masterpiece. It is the artist the human, that has had the opportunity to brush the entire color spectrum, the palette of the color wheel, onto thier life or canvas at some point in time. Life certainly has more colors than the original 8 made by Crayola in 1901. Over 300,000 colors, our maker has allowed our human eye to see. May your canvas, display all the colors and hues of sight.