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Test communication with remote computer and check its on the web status over the Internet with free visual Ping tool for Windows.

What did your mom do as a youngster once you got tired? Almost certainly first thing she did was giving you a thermometer to check on the body temperature. If you are obtaining a result and are attempting to access a remote computer, chances are that computer isn't functioning properly. In other words, it might be ill. But how could you provide a thermometer compared to that PC?

There is a free of charge software called ping.exe that comes with most versions of Windows. You need to use this tool to check its response and poke the remote PC. You'd generally produce a command line, which would open a black console window, and type ping.exe followed with IP address of the computer you want to check, to use ping.exe. Frequently you'd get a reply right in the console screen in a matter of seconds. To learn more, please consider having a look at: image. You'd choose - or, rather, think, - the remote computer's health by the cryptic numbers produced as decimal integers. If the remote computer isn't available, or if the system isn't available, or if some link or a bit of hard-ware in-between you and the remote PC has failed, you'll receive nothing. It's your responsibility to guess what and where have failed.

SI Ping made by Software Institute, on the other hand, provides well prepared and plainly legible productivity by providing clear to see and well defined figures. It displays all of the necessary data, such as for instance time to access the remote computer, in milliseconds, and permits you to ping several computer by simply choosing their address from the combo box. Click here click here for to research the reason for this activity. Due to its user-friendly, convenient graphical user interface, SI Ping is a lot more convenient to use than the Windows ping.exe, being an excellent free alternative to the old-fashioned console-based software.

Computer software Institute produces well-designed, easy to use services and products that help computer users solve a particular problem. Our goods are free, and typically perform only one process, including ping, trace route, or look-up, but do-it in an easy method. We provide several free marketing tools from