Monica K Campbell

I'm a Technique Educator in the jewelry-making industry and I own Ikumihimo.

I specialize in creating surprisingly durable jewelry and I enjoy teaching my jewelry-making techniques. I believe jewelry that is beautiful enough you want to wear it every day should be durable enough that you can.

I have a Master's Degree in Education and over 15 years of jewelry-making experience. I am passionate about learning and teaching. I thrive on the challenges of developing durable jewelry-making techniques.

Most of my designs are water resistant; many are waterproof. My durability testing is unique and quite thorough. Nothing I make will last forever, but I want my designs to be wearable for a very long time. If this philosophy resonates with you, check out my blog for jewelry-making tips and follow me at the social media links below.

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Creatively yours,

Monica K Campbell, EdM