Monica Kovacs

Writing and editing has always been a passion for me. I enjoy playing with style and tone, structure and flow. I believe that technical communications can be informative and adhere to standards and at the same time be interesting and creative. I can help you explain the most technical concepts to the most non-technical audiences.

I see business analysis as an opportunity to give someone a gift. When I was young, I asked my grandmother for a ‘My Little Pony’ for Christmas. I even drew her a picture and wrote the name down in big letters. Guess what I ended up with? Two stuffed ponies three times the size! This was the pattern for most of my presents. On those rare occasions when I got exactly what I wanted and more, I was ecstatic. When approaching business analysis, I keep that feeling in mind. When my clients receive exactly what they envisioned and more, I’ve done my job well.