Monica Kozak

As Vice President for Horizon Marketing Group, Monica manages the Strategic Marketing divisions. She joined the Horizon team after more than a decade working in marketing, media and public relations.

Monica has provided sales, marketing and media services to nationally recognized clients including Heineken, United Airlines, AT&T, Oscar Mayer and Famous Footwear. She has worked closely with local, national and international media organizations resulting in press coverage appearing in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Chicago Sun Times, Sports Illustrated, ESPN and CBS, to name a few.

Additionally, Monica has provided color commentary for both television and radio sports broadcasts. Prior to joining Horizon Marketing Group, Monica served as Director of Marketing for Apple Health Care, Inc., recognized by Consumer Reports as the leading private provider of health care services in its field.

A native of Los Angeles, Monica is a published author and holds Bachelor’s degrees in English Literature and Political Science from the University of Montana. Coming from a city with no NFL team, Monica adopted the Philadelphia Eagles as her NFL team of choice and can be found glued to "The Red Zone" every Sunday until the Eagles take the field.