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Monica M. Martin is of Irish, Scottish, and New Guinean descent. Born in Longreach, a shall town located in Outback Queensland, Australia. Monica M. Martin has five siblings and is the proud mother of one adult son. She was baptized Holy Roman Catholic, is very spiritual today, but doesn't follow any orthodox religion. Ms Martin is working towards living a complete holistic lifestyle. She lives on the east coast of Australia.

Monica M. Martin's first erotic romance published in 2003. Monica M. Martin writes historical, contemporary, fantasy, and paranormal sensual/erotic romance and erotica. She also writes sensual, erotic, and mainstream poetry.

Monica M. Martin has written several #1 bestsellers, been nominated for two CAPA awards for historical works published in 2004, and she is a 2007 EPPIE Award finalist in the Erotic Romance Fantasy/Paranormal category.

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