Monica Molinar, Healing Artist

North Pole, Alaska, United States

I am deeply committed to helping clients understand the mind-body-spirit connection and how each of these aspects of the self are inherently joined in the healing journey through transformational bodywork and related healing arts.

In my spirit-centered practice, I do not stand in the way of anyone's spiritual journey. It matters not to me whether the client is a deeply religious individual who follows the teachings of one of the world's major religions, is someone who follows a less well-known spiritual path, or chooses to follow none at all. I don't care what path you are on, so long as you are not causing harm to yourself or others. I am always happy to share details of my journey with anyone who is interested, and I enjoy learning about yours as well. Please note: If your path is harm-based, I am not the correct therapist for you.

I acknowledge and am grateful to have enjoyed a deeply spiritual life, and appreciate the guidance and support from Spirit in my work.

You are free to believe in anything or anyone you wish. My personal belief is that there IS a greater intelligence. That no matter what spiritual path we may be on, what rituals we may perform, how - where - or what we worship, how we pray, or what name we give to whom we are praying to, our prayers are heard and answered. I believe we live in a loving existence. That when we genuinely seek guidance, support, and help from that Higher Source, we receive answers and healing miracles that we never thought were possible. I am a miracle!

Each of us has an imagination and a subconsious mind. Setting our intention, holding good thoughts, lighting a candle, saying a prayer... All of these are tools we can access our own deeper realms and other dimensions beyond our self to promote a healthier, more balance life.

Healing for Mind, Body, and Soul

The education process and empowering others toward improved health and more fulfilling lives is the backbone of my healing arts career. Much of what is offered comes from my own personal experiences healing from abuse, neglect, and life-threatening health issues.

Many consider me gifted, knowledgeable, skilled, articulate, compassionate, supportive and intuitive. I love what I do and that my work allows non-invasive, holistic choices for you to finally begin your healing journey or continue along the path toward overall well-being.

Wishing you all the best,


  • Work
    • Healing Artist · Bodywork, Lifestyle Coaching
  • Education
    • School of Integrating Shiatsu, Upledger Institute, Esalen Institute