Monica Nicole Montie Personal Concierge

Project Manager and Designer in Gibraltar, Michigan

Smile Creator * Star Gazer * Wish Maker * Angel Wing Collector * Positive Motivator * Competitive Sailor * Violin/PianoPlayer * PhotoTaker * Memory Maker * Problem Solver * Even a Baker *Mummy of a King Charles Cavalier & A 23 year old Son * Experienced Giggler *

I believe the main things in life are to make the best of everything you have and do. To love with all of your heart, and believe anything good can happen if you want it to. Nobody's religions are right or wrong, if we could just learn to live together in peace would be amazing.

To learn something new and teach something new everyday. Emphasize on what you do best, no matter how large or small it is.

To believe in yourself, and that good actions and positive thoughts can bring great things into the world and back to you.

To always put one foot forward everyday. No matter what. To reflect on lessons learned from the past and use them in your future.

Always accept responsibility. Own up to your actions and or mistakes. It's ok, it's how we learn. You will earn more respect.

Lastly, just dig into what your doing, bring passion to what you are doing.

And, to do it all with a SMILE on your face, it's contageous..

It burns a smile into peoples hearts and that just might be the only happy moment they have today.

In my professional life I am an Special Project Manager person, for a large City Government for the past 18 years. I am excellent at anticipating and conquering the next steps ahead, always.

And I seriously would love to have my own talk show. Just to talk about everything. I have a solution for practically any situation that could possibly arise..

Also I Freelance my Conceirge Services, calendar planning, budgeting, and organizing your life in all areas from computers to closets.

I love being creative in all things & making memorable digital moments, for the important moments in life.

I can capture the best parts of your special event and bring them to life so you can enjoy yours.

So, by bringing "Hearts Stars & Flowers" and easy solutions into peoples personal and professional lives, You will be able to enjoy the things in life you deserve to do. If your life is in order your mind is clear.

Lastly, I am the type of person that does not need to be told what to do, I dig in and figure it out and streamline it to the most efficient way to get it done with the least possible time wasted. With that being said, my self motto is "I get S#it Done" always

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