mónica nainsztein

Writer, Public Speaker, and Mother in Sacramento, California

mónica nainsztein

Writer, Public Speaker, and Mother in Sacramento, California

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Hey there, I’m Mónica. I’m a public speaker living in Sacramento, California. I am a fan of entrepreneurship, coffee, yoga, and movies. I’m also interested in singing and travel.

OMG, that was so BORING!!

OK, here we go:

I'm the founder, ideator, and cultural strategist for SpanishOne Plus. I am a creative genius whose brain won't stop. I've consulted with SOOO many organizations... from startups to Cisco... say what???

I bring a quarter century of knowledge in the language industry and my teams recently rocked the math world by translating all the common core books for CPM that are used in 46 US states and internationally. My one regret: the LAST universal language will be gone by the time all this is done. Next year also marks my 10 year anniversary as preferred vendor of the California Chamber of Commerce... hmmm, we must be doing SOMETHING right!

As a speaker, I inspire and instigate audiences into action. And I kick off my shoes when I'm on stage... the ongoing argument with my accountant: can I REALLY write off pedis? ;)

Because I love my community of women business owners, I stepped into a position of leadership and had the pleasure of serving as president of the National Association of Women Business Owners, Sacramento Valley Chapter 2015-16.

My work day starts at 11:30 a.m. and ends anywhere between 15 and 180 minutes after that... wanna join the 20 hour work week revolution?

If you REALLY wanna get to know me, click on the golden button above and listen to the radio show I was lucky enough to be interviewed on during my trip to France in May 2017. Fun times !

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