Monica Otero

I live my life with the intent of doing good every day, for others and myself. One must be connected with more then just their immediate surroundings. Being socially and environmentally aware is extremely important to me. My plight is to help the helpless! I love animals so much, I hope you do too! I Since I was very young, whales have had a tremendous impact on me, I feel so connected to them. While vast in size, they are as delicate and helpless as anyone of us. They are magnificent, extremely elegant, graceful, & terribly endearing with their innocence. As is every creature on this earth. My mission is to create awareness & push people to care & be pro-active. I just do what I can, and hope that eventually, people will listen. FASHION WITH COMPASSION! I am a world traveler and love meeting new people. I bring energy, zest, and passion to everything I do and come in contact with. My keen eye for style and trends make me an observer of the globe! Fancy that! I have the natural ability to entertain and light up a room, but make everyone feel important at the same time. I love to share everything that I have with those I love, and sometimes to a fault! I think I love too much, but I never want to change, as it keeps me optimistic and always looking at the good in people. Fitness and nutrition is another big part of me. I LOVE to workout and typically hit the gym twice a day, for cardio and weight training. Being a vegan is a elevated way of life, and I would never change it! Try it and you will see how much better you feel in just one day. I love beauty in all its forms, and I see it everywhere. We are all unique and have a story to tell, what is yours? Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening."- Coco Chanel