Monica Padilla

My name is Monica Padilla. I was born in Atlanta Georgia on October 02, 1993 but have grown up in Lawrenceville Georgia for a good portion of my life. My dad is from Mexico and my mom from El Salvador. I have two brothers, Pedro and Aaron, which are younger than me. My dad had two previous marriages so I also have three half siblings, two sisters and one brother. My three wonderful dogs are treated as human beings in the family as well. I absolutely love my dogs and would probably be extremely heartbroken if I were to ever lose any of them. In general I enjoy being around animals to the point where I once had 8 parakeets, 5 baby snapping turtles, two dogs, and some fish.

I graduated from Central Gwinnett High School and am now here at the University of Georgia. Just about four months ago I was sitting in the comfort of my room thinking how college life would be. At times I would feel joy of being out in the world by myself but sometimes I felt nervous, because it was frightening to think that my parents weren't going to be here to give me that sense of security. I'm proud to say, that even though I'm away from home I know that my parents are always there for me, and as long as I keep reminding myself of that, I'll have the dedication to go out in the world and make some thing good of myself. Based on my love for animals, it's easy to think that I will probably major in something related to animals but I'm not. I actually want to major in Marketing, double major in Psychology and minor in Spanish. I know that seems like a lot, but one thing I do beleive in, is that I can reach any dream when I am commited to acheiving it. I am really looking forward to see what life will bring to me the following years in college. I'm just hoping that as my story unfold I will learn a lot of new things, meet great people, as well as have a little fun along the way.