Monica Puig

My A to Zen: Share and you will raise the value of everything you have, are, and do; be optimistic; believe in yourself; believe in love and love always; be yourself; be kind to everyone; laugh out loud and laugh often; see the blessing in every moment; avoid gossip, negative people, places and habits; live in the moment; everything you are looking for is within yourself; never lie, steal or cheat; be passionate, inspiring, encouraging and supportive; forgive others and forgive yourself; believe in angels and miracles; see the best in others, but be aware of their agendas; give more than you planned to; learn something new everyday; silence is golden and sometimes the best answer, but never in the face of abuse, injustice or discrimination; if opportunity doesn't knock, build a door; accept and love others for who they are and extend that kindness on to yourself. BELIEVE, LOVE, LIVE!