Monica Raymond

My ambitions are simple: smile more than I frown and make others do the same.

I am a proud Louisiana State University Tiger majoring in Public Relations with a minor in English and Business. I'm a Senior, graduating in Spring 2014 and I can't seem to slow down the clock.

I want to do everything, see everything, learn everything and be everything that I can in the time I've been given. God comes first, my family second and the most amazing and irreplaceble friends come next.

I am one of the lucky few that have been blessed in choosing a major that I love and am motivated to work hard for it daily—without it seeming like hard work. Our world is ever-changing and I am having a blast trying to keep up. My areas of interest are broad, but I never want to limit myself—writing, graphic/web design, social media and marketing strategies. I want to get the world's attention.

I'm a born leader with a desire to please people, a few perfectionist's tendencies and a mind that thinks like there's no box at all. I can wake up every morning knowing there is nothing stopping me from an exciting journey.

I'm kind of a hippie. I could play sand volleyball for days. Put me near an ocean. As long as I can take the New Orleans flavor with me.