Monica Sanchez

Monica Sanchez

Name: Monica Brandariz Sanchez

Current Role Title: Accounts Payable Analyst

Brief Bio on yourself:

After completing a Degree in Business Administration I came to Australia for a traineeship in Finance. Then, I relocated back to my home country and I spent the next for years working as an accountant.

After getting my permanent residence, I moved back to Australia and I took on the opportunity to join the Accounts Payable team in Vodafone. I have been working for VHA for over a year now and I have just completed a Diploma in Coaching.

What do you love about your role: I love getting our supplier accounts up and running, building bridges of communication between key stakeholders and educating them on the right processes and procedures.

How have you grown: Getting myself out of my comfort zone and meeting people from other areas of the business gave me the opportunity to get involve in the Grow Champions project and other initiatives. Also by taking risks, having remarkable conversations and knowing how to step back.

Over time I have learnt that grow is about taking ownership and responsibility, being persistence and not giving up. Reinventing and believing in yourself are important too.

Best song ever: Just the way you are.

Most amazing thing you've ever done: Travelling form Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi on a motorbike.

Current ring tone: Xylophone, pretty standard.