Mónica Sánchez

Manager in Barcelona, España

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Mónica Sánchez start to focuse on mycorrhizas after graduating in Biology at the University of Barcelona (SPAIN).

On 1998 with 2 more partners from the University, created Micología Forestal & Aplicada (MF&A at micofora.com), a private research center specialized on truffles, where he’s been developing mycorrhizal mushroom management projects in several countries (New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, Nicaragua, Mexico...).

She is coathor of a technical truffle guide book: Morcillo M., Moreno B., Pulido E., Sánchez M. (2007): Manual de truficultura Andaluza. Ed. Gypaetus y Consejería de Medio Ambiente. Junta de Andalucía. pp. 176.

In 2015 co-published a new book on Truffle farming, with english and spanish editions:

- Morcillo M, Sanchez M, Vilanova X. (2015). Cultivar Trufas, una realidad en expansión. 352pp. ISBN 978-84-617-3654-6

- Morcillo M, Sanchez M, Vilanova X. (2015). Truffle Farming Today, a Comprehensive World Guide. 352pp. ISBN 978-84-617-1307-3

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08459 Sant Antoni De Vilamajor Barcelona SPAIN Phone +34-938155455 [email protected]

www.micofora.com Skype:micologia.forestal.aplicada

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