Monica Snavely

Educator in Brooklyn, New York

Growing up on the bay shores of Virginia, I existed in an environment dense with trees, ripe with gardens, and brimming with sea life. The seasons were varied but distinct: caterpillars in spring; high humidity during the summer; magical sunsets in the fall and a sprinkling of snow in the winter. I grew up with grass and dirt to root in, while weather conditions and insect activity sparked the imagination.

So you can imagine the assault and shock to my system when I moved to New York City in my 20s. I not only observed but experienced first hand how disconnected and unhealthy urban living can be. Residing in a congested, polluted city that never sleeps can be overwhelming and difficult on the physical body. This type of lifestyle can lead to poor eating and sleeping habits, elevated stress levels, illness, and injury.

In an effort to help others stay out of the convoluted medical-insurance system, I have devoted myself to promoting preventative healthcare. I help adolescents and adults create balance in their lives. I advocate for a holistic understanding of the mind-body by providing education about local whole foods; seasonal eating; stress reduction; as well as physical activity which can improve cardiovascular health, joint mobility and strength.

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    • Health & Wellness Consultant