Moniek Zegers

Building healthy tribes in Arnhem, Nederland

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I am living in Arnhem, east of the Netherlands, in a sustainable living community (, together with my husband, two kids and 15 other households. We have a rich soil and grow lots of fruit and vegetables, we like to experiment, use sociocracy and explore ways of conflict resolution. My two kids go to a democratic school, were they also use sociocracy. We’ve had a company for about 10 years supporting organisations in behaviour and cultural change. In the last years we shifted our focus to transformation. And that was also the beginning of my own transformative journey. I found out about my own unsafety but also how I made others unsafe with my own beliefs and patterns, especially my own husband. Auch.

I surrounded myself with consciousness workers, who all realise that a new connected world starts with their own inner journey. Together we formed a tribe. That tribe brought me home and we all brought each other home. Based on that experience, we founded Rippling ( There already is a deep connection between all awake pioneers of this time. Rippling reconnects them, brings them home and gives them an imprint of the healthy tribes they yearn for.

Currently I focus on organisations again, facilitating them in building healthy tribes in order to create a safe and open culture based on trust. Which is off course key in using the potential of the organisation. Man is a herd animal and can only be their true self when being part of (a) healthy tribe(s). #tribe the new guru

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