C. Monifa Edwards

Designer in Brooklyn, New York

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For over thirty years, I have been blessed to customize one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces and accessories for both individuals and corporations as diverse as dancer Gregory Hines, Tony Award winning designer, Anne Hould-Ward, The Disney Corporation and The Muscular Dystrophy Association.

I recently created the "Declaration Of Peace Jewelry Collection" which allows the buyer to directly and substantially contribute to urban youth while purchasing an heirloom quality item. The youth are not our future... they are our NOW! Urban Youth come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Personalize the statement of your statement piece via this collection. After decades of creations, this collection has true heart & meaning for me. My dream is for it to become a symbol of Peace for the 21st centruy.

I am also the creator of “Aiyetoro” which means ‘peace on earth’ in Yoruba. Aiyetoro explores while exposing alternative healing modalities and their practitioners as well as artists and musicians. Aiyetoro, in all facets, celebrates Mind, Body and Spirit in a yearly event and via the monthly Ezine.