Mo'nifa Malik

Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago

CAUTION: Hot Surface Therfore if you get damaged by this chick facebook is not responsible Real █████████████100% Fake 0% ✔ Verified Account ✔ Verified By Facebook® ✔ Verified By Facebook Administrators ✔ Verified By Mark Zuckerberg ✔ Verified By Tommy Mottola © Profile Tremain Aldon Neversin Original & Official® █║▌│█│║▌║│║▌║│║▌║│ Copy Righted Material Welcome to my facebook profile. I am a sweet, generous girl by the name of Monifa but i prefer my other name, Debra.I'm brown sugar mixed with honey. I'm not a virgin, LIFE fucks me everyday. I love mostly everyone and I like difficult situations to play with because they mold my character. OMG! I almost forgot, no boy cyah play wid meh head, in other words I doh take thief-head so if ya on games, ya messin with D wrong person. DEUCES ;)

  • Work
    • Screwing With People's Minds
  • Education
    • Preysal High School