Monika Benoit

Wellness Coach, Health Advocate, and ACE Certified Health Coach in Connecticut

Monika Benoit is a Stress Reduction and Body Confidence Coach who is passionate about helping people love themselves and feel great about their bodies.

She assists people in clearing personal blocks and limiting beliefs, helping the individual find his or her own most beneficial path to optimal wellness and day-to day happiness.

Monika creates an individualized Optimal Wellness Program for each person she works with, often incorporating the acupressure-based stress-reduction technique known as Tapping, or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), with the deep, calming power of intuitively inspired affirmations, deep relaxation exercises, guided meditations.

Monika specializes in creating step-by-step plans to help ease individuals into gradual lifestyle changes that ultimately culminate into total life transformations.

Monika's approach addresses the entire person: mind, body and heart. Her fully-customized Optimal Wellness Programs emphasize the healing power of healthy, wholesome food, fun physical fitness and an optimistic mind-set.

" I have been struggling with on and off illness for the past six months, along with some difficult, but very important decisions. When I first went to Monika, I could hardly lift my arms, I was extremely nauseous and I was exhausted. I left my first session with no more arm pain, a great decrease in exhaustion and nausea and completely convinced that EFT was going to heal me. As I finished the three initial sessions, she also helped me work through many emotional aspects of my life, both from the past and present. I recently went back for a session (after the initial three) because I was not feeling well again, when I left the session, it felt like I had done a complete 180… I had SO much more energy! I am now trying to work EFT into my daily routine… it helps with almost anything, including simply relaxing yourself. I highly recommend Monika as a practitioner; her skills...have helped me so much, both emotionally and physically."

- Claire

Having received Certificate of Completion for Dr. Patricia Carrington’s original Basic & Advanced EFT exams, giving her the certification of EFT-CC & EFT-ADV, Monika Benoit is a professional practitioner of EFT

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