Monika Śliwińska


Geographer, cultural specialist, pedagogue, Tatra Mountain guide, Nordic walking instructor and licensed tour leader - I learn the world and then I share it with others.

PL: Geograf, kulturoznawca, pedagog, przewodnik tatrzański, instruktor Nordic walking oraz pilot wycieczek - poznaję świat z różnych stron, a następnie dzielę się tym z innymi. Więcej o mnie przeczytasz na stronie internetowej SIMPLY CARPATHIANS.

I spend free time traveling - it is a part of geographer's life ;) The real adventure travel have begun during the studies. Then I have visited many countries in Europe, South America and Asia. These were both short trips and over a two-month expeditions, which I was co-organizer. Now I run SIMPLY CARPATHIANS - Travel Services.

During my expeditions I hiked in many mountain ranges like the Andes, Carpathians, the Pamir Mountains, Tian Shan, Alpes and others. Now I guide people during their hikes in my beloved Tatra Mountains.

I relax flying the kite ;)

  • Work
    • mountain guide
  • Education
    • geographer
    • cultural specialist
    • pedagogue