Monika Raj

Naples, Italy

Hello, My name is Victor Frankenstein. In my early childhood, I was often neglected by my father. Throughout my early teenage years, I had to in fact teach myself and make sure I was educated enough to strive in this world. While reading a brilliant book written by Cornelius Agrippa, "my father looked carelessly at the title page of my book and said 'Ah! Cornelius Agrippa! My dear Victor, do not waste your time upon this; it is sad trash (page 24).'" He never understood how fascinating the text really is. I guess this is because he's "not scientific, and [so] I was left to struggle with a child's blindness, added to a student's thirst for knowledge (page 25)." I ignored his remarks and continued to read and teach myself.

After a few years, once I had turned 17, my parents decided that I should enroll at the university of Ingolstadt. There I learned about modern science and, within a few years, I had mastered all of the skills that my professors taught me. Shortly thereafter, I became fascinated with the "secret of life," discovered it, and brought a hideous monster to life. I had no idea that this creature of life could be so aggrivating to deal with. I did not know what to do once I had found out that the monster killed my youngest brother, best friend, and wife. I was torn by remorse, shame, and guilt, but for some odd reason I just could not admit to anyone the horror of what I created, even though I saw everything that was happening at that time. I should have said something...maybe poor, innocent Justine could have been saved. I should have been dead instead of her but now I have caused the deaths of innocent people who meant so much to me.

I began to keep myself away from everyone. I could not see them like this knowing that I had caused them to be this way. Sometimes, for a few brief moments I was able to get away from all of these horrifying feelings by taking a trip to the Alpine Valleys. I could not bear the regret and pain from what I had done. I needed to find the creature and destroy it so I traveled north where I had last seen it. I met a young man named Walton and told him my story hoping maybe I'd get an insight from a stranger. I'm still searching for the creature, hopefully I'll find him soon so I can end this feeling of regret and shame.