Monika Szlachetka

Hi everyone,

My name is Monika. I live in Lublin. My motto is: In your life you should try everything so as not to regret you have missed something.

So far my job as an English language teacher was only a short episode. I taught in Medical School for one and a half years. From my profession and passion I'm also an educator. I love working with children. I have always been interested in medicine as well. That's why I decided to try myself in this area and I work in hospital in Sterilization Center, where I prepare medical equipment to operations and other interventions. For the last few years I have been bringing up my children and that's why I decided to devote this time to checking myself in different profession which don't require going to work everyday and let me both develop myself and take care of my children. But the English language teacher is the most exciting job for me. In the near future I would like to start my fascinating adventure with teaching English to toddlers. In my teaching I'm going to use new technology because in my opinion, nowadays there are integral elements of all areas of our life. Following the needs and interests of our learners we should use each innovative technology to make studying easier, more attractive and effective for them.

I'm a mother of three wonderful children and every my day is full of exciting experiences and new challenges. I value my family life very much, as I think there is a great power in real, loving family. We love spending our leisure time together and very actively - doing various sports and traveling to different unknown places. But I also like to have some time only for myself. My favorite activity is reading a good book. By walking through the seaside and listening to the sound of the sea is the best way to rest and relax for me. That's a pity I don' t live in such a beautiful coastal village. But it can be still ahead of me, I hope.