Monika Gangwer

Nampa, ID

The founders of Urban Charter School do not dismiss that youth must have a core knowledge base; in other words…they have to have school. At the same time, students need to learn how to be enterprising, habitually creative and have an entrepreneurial mindset. These critical elements… these “no-brainers” are being ignored in our current system. The traditional school systems (and many charter systems) tend to over complicate. The school we propose is so simple, so common sense; yet groundbreaking at the same time. UCS founders share a set of theories and views about education which are as progressive as our definition of an ‘educated person’. To be truly college and career ready, one must be "life" ready. To educate is to offer ethical, intellectual instruction. To meet the "ethical" standard of instruction, one must be "life ready" themselves. At UCS, Life-ready, means we should endeavor never to cause harm. Because we are all human, we will falter in this area. When we do, we must be confident and honest enough to "own our part" of the harm that we caused. This means being real enough to admit when we're wrong, and set about identifying ways to "fail forward". To fail is to be unsuccessful in meeting a goal whether personal, professional, academic or social. To "fail forward" is the effort toward regaining what is lost. This takes honesty, humility, and willingness to reveal our humanity; it is the ultimate life-lesson.

  • Work
    • K-12 ed reform
  • Education
    • MA Ed. Leadership, BA Elementary Ed., Nation Board Certified