Monika Gock

North Vancouver

I live in beautiful British Columbia, in a well known rain forest, Lynn Valley, North Vancouver, across the inlet from the 2010 Olympic Cauldron.

I live here with my family of five children and husband. We are relatively happy in or little domain, and enjoy frequent outings to our neighbouring towns. Downtown Vancouver is one place to spend a relaxing evening at the movies, and restaurant . The hills above us provide exciting weekend excursions with our skis and snowshoes, where our three dogs love to run and play as they accompany us on some trails. However. there is nothing like a good book, sitting by the fire, and having the cats and dogs curl up beside us. Very relaxing..

I lived in South America during my childhood, I frequently moved around. My father was a manager of a large hydroelectric project, one of the seven wonders of the civil engineering world. I learned German to speak with my family, Portuguese while in Brazil, Spanish while in Ecuador, and I learned how to listen carefully, because English was never spoken properly.

During the weekdays I spend my time with patients and looking out for their periodontal needs. Supportive Periodontal Therapy is what I do best, and I enjoy it. In my non therapy moments, I manage my two dental hygiene clinics. I attempt the huge task of bringing my computer beneath my control making it a useful tool, and not a barrier to progress. Everyday is another day to fill with unexpected pleasures in solving issues and problems.

Everyday I open my eyes to the world and attempt to grasp the scope of it's beauty, for everyday I find small things to make me laugh.

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    • West Vancouver
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    • UBC BScD