Monikah Gecain

I consider myself to be a BIG DREAMER.

You can only see big success when you dream of big success.

I love supporting all things local.

The artists, musicians, businesses, activists, etc.

I run a website which supports local artists (of different medias, in different cities) and promotes the involvement in charities.

I have a passion for the arts and want to surround myself with others who feel the same.

Charity is something I want to get more involved in and want to encourage those around me to take action as well.

I am hosting my own charity walk for the Take The Walk campaign in Jacksonville Beach, FL on November 5th, 2011. email for more info! Or check out the TTW campaign's website

I don't care much for fame and fortune, I just want to have a voice that will be heard.

You can go so many places just by STARTING where you are.

Keep the faith, and spread the HOPE.