Monika Oktora

Monika Oktora

A grown up girl, borned in Padang, but spent all childhood time in Bandung (until now), had all education level in Bandung until got the S.Farm title (Bachelor of Pharmacy) from ITB, and still wondering.. I won't have job in Bandung.

Have a passion in clinical pharmacy, but sometimes get bored with all those stuffs, but for sure I will have my own Apotek with my name on it.

Love reading books, novels, comics, and want to build a little warm library in our home someday

Writing? It is just more than a hobby from me. It is a tool to devote all my feelings. I should write a book or novel someday!

Really want to travel around the world: get a chance to study overseas, spend the holiday time with lovely family across the sea, even have children in Europe, hehe.. but still want to spend all the most time in Indonesia.

Try to learn from every moments in my life also still learning to be a good daughter, sister, friend, wife, and mother (someday), never ending learning.

Life is a journey. Just want to live my life, be happy, make people happy, hope can be worthwhile in this earth