Monika Platek

Monika Platek

Monika Platek is a firm believer in the power of multi-platform storytelling and reporting! She has spent over a decade working in journalism, sports and live events with nearly half of that in the digital world. With a strong journalistic background from Ryerson University, Monika uses digital platforms and television to present content in new and exciting ways.

While at Ryerson in 2005, Monika became the Game Night Host and Announcer for the Toronto Maple Leafs NHL Team. She spent six seasons with the organization and four of those holding the microphone on the big screen at the Air Canada Centre for over 200 games and special events. As she graduated, her role expanded and she ventured into the quickly emerging digital and television scene for Leafs TV and She pioneered new ways to connect sports fans with athletes using social networks and television.

One of her proudest projects happened in March 2011 when she was asked to journey to Afghanistan with Team Canada as an Ambassador for the Leafs. She shot, wrote and produced a documentary on the journey called "Canadian in Kandahar" that aired on Leafs TV.

Monika couldn't miss out on the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, so she journeyed out West to cover the Games socially. She shared her experience through updates, photos and videos – once again bringing fans closer to the event with insider access!

Monika joined Canada's Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium in June 2011 as the Social Media Lead and developed the plan to ensure that Canadians got to fully experience London 2012 on more screens than ever before. She grew her role and became the host of the Bell Social Scene on CTV, broadcasting the latest digital news 3 times a day. The London 2012 Games were the first true social Games, or as she likes to call them – the Socialympics.

This led to an exciting 2-year stint with CBC Sports as the Social Media Lead for CBC Sports, CBC Olympics and Hockey Night in Canada.

In 2014, Monika just had to be part of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games. She spent one month in Sochi, Russia as a Social Media Reporter and Producer for CBC Sports.

Follow Monika as she continues to push the digital envelope and share her journey through the sports world.