Monique Defrance

Monique Defrance is a singer/song writer in the Phoenix, AZ area. Born in Flint, MI the oldest of her siblings she has always been the song bird of the family. At ten years old she discovered her love for music through her mother Gwen Booth and dad Fred Booth, who would have her entertain their guest at her home. After discovering her love for singing Monique's parents exposed her to some of the great artist of their time. she instantly fell in love with the music of great artist like Michael Jackson, Anita Baker, Patty Bell, Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder and countless others. She began singing with her church choir where she learned a lot and developed her soulful sound. Monique has stated that "after hearing Mariah Carey the first time she know she wanted to be a recording artist" and started to focus on her craft. But, with the untimely death of her mother, Monique, lost her passion to perform, and put her public performing on hold. But, after some years of encouragement from her friends and family, she decided to give her first love another change. And now, Monique Defrance is releasing her first single "Adversity" from her soon to come debut album "Evolutionary Love"