Monique Geourzoung

Kingston, Jamaica

Monique Mahima Geourzoung was a talented, energetic, insightful and kindhearted Jamaican woman who graduated from Immaculate High School and went on to study political science at the University of the West Indies where she earned her BSc degree. She successfully completed her masters in International Relations at Universiteit van Amsterdam on a Rotary scholarship and returned to Jamaica where she worked at Pulse Investments then Jampro and finally at the UWI Registrars Office. A gifted intellect with a sharp analytical mind, Monique left her indelible mark on everywhere and everyone she touched.

Monique was a unique individual because of her many talents - intuitive researcher, writer and speaker, she cared tremendously for her family and the values instilled at home. She was a seeker of the truth, and enjoyed the journey knowing that it's a never ending one. Monique brought people together through her various interests. She loved reading, music, yoga, chanting and meditation, which helped her through her journey.

As a child, Monique suffered a blow to her breast while playing at a pool party. The injury later caused a growth which was removed as a teenager but later returned at the age of 28 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Monique was a very spiritual person and as a result of her diagnosis, became even more appreciative of the oneness of the mind, body, and soul. 'Mahima' as she became known as in the latter part of her life, said she learned more about who she was as a result of her diagnosis and she learned to appreciate the good and bad in herself and others.

Mahima passed at age 36 'Cancer Positive', a philosophy she articulated in a piece she wrote a few months before her passing September 30, 2010.