Monique Harris

We all watch TV shows—we become invested in the characters and even fall in love with the actors. Unfortunately, few people will ever know the folks behind the scenes, working tirelessly to produce the shows that keep us all on the edge of our seats. For five years, Monique Harris has been that person in the background that we never get to meet. At just 24-years-old, she has already created a name for herself in the world of television by working for some of the top rated networks in the country—BET, MTV, NBC and Aspire TV. Though she is virtually unknown to the public-at-large, her name has appeared in the credits of shows like The Game (BET), Trey Songz BP3 (BET), Let’s Stay Together (BET), T.I.: Road to Redemption (MTV), Chef v. City (Food Network) and America’s Got Talent (NBC). By the age of 22, Harris had already worked some of the biggest events in the world, including the BET and MTV awards. In 2010, she worked for Tyler Perry studios and is currently working for the Magic Johnson-owned network, Aspire TV, as a Network Operations Coordinator.

In 2012, Monique Harris decided to give back to the community by becoming the founder and chief executive of Directing Dreams – a non-profit organization geared toward students who aspire to have a career in the arts, TV or film. The goal of the organization is to provide D.C. students with the necessary trainings and curriculums needed to successfully pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

In the television world, Monique Harris is comfortable behind the camera, but when it comes to fashion she takes center stage. She is admired throughout the Washington, D.C. area for her effortless style and eclectic fashion choices. She has used her notoriety in this area to encourage others to find their own style—her non-profit, Directing Dreams, seeks to help young people unveil confidence and self-assurance within themselves.

Born and raised in Glenarden, Md., Monique Harris was educated in Prince George’s County schools where she graduated from Charles Herbert Flowers High School in 2005. She attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia where she studied video an