Monique Quaranta

Writing a biography on Monique is not an easy task. What does she do? It's hard to get it all down. She does a little of everything. Monique is currently managing Camas Technology Specialists Inc. (CTS).

Trying to pinpoint what she does I came up with an idea. My idea is that Monique is a Connection Specialists. Let me break it down. Aside from managing CTS, Monique helps people make connections. Whether she's helping them find the perfect computer for their needs, or teaching them how to use their computer, she connects them to what they need.

Monique also tries to connect with the community. You may run into her at Caffe Piccolo in the mornings. She loves to sit and chat with people. Making connections and helping people with questions they may have. She also participates in events with the downtown camas association. This helps her connect with the local merchants.

These are just a few of the many things Monique does. If you happen to meet her, feel free to ask her questions, she's always ready to share her knowledge and help you make connections as well.