Monique Fares

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

I c 100% to whatever I do whether it’s school work, community involvement or having fun! reasons why I wanted to run for this position was that I have grown to really care about the MBA program and have seen opportunities on how to make it better. I believe the current MBA Society has d for the Sobey School of Business. It's important that the next executive team leverages this success, for continued growth.

I have the life skills & experience necessary to make a great President. I have built a strong network of business & community connections by being involved and working in the Halifax/Atlantic Canadian community. A theme that has come up this year was if MBA students wants to develop their careers - here in Halifax or elsewhere, they need to network. I can help our MBA students in successfully networking by leveraging both my personal & business connections. I helped this year’s Leadership Forum by getting speakers: Jennifer Gillivan, President and CEO IWK Foundation, and Mary-Dable Arab VP North East NS Retail Banking District, ScotiaBank.

My fundraising experience would also be beneficial, as the Sobey School of Business and Saint Mary’s play such a large role in giving back to our community. I co-headed a campaign for the IWK Children’s Health Centre where we raised from outside donors; This experience helps me to reach donors for funding in order to alleviate the pressure on the Sobey School of Business funds.

Some roles I would like to highlight are:

Program coordinator & Board member for The Halifax Special Olympics Organization; I oversee in the Halifax Region.

Board member & Campaign leader for the IWK Board of Trustees.

Member-Diman Association Canada.

Co-founder of the Lebanese School of Dance where over 100 students learn about their culture via dance.

Member- Halifax Lebanese Chamber of Commerce

Questions? send me an email!