Monique A. Gamble, PhD

Washington, d.c. Metro Area

Monique A. Gamble, PhD

Washington, d.c. Metro Area

Professor of Political Science. Experienced government and international relations researcher. Writer.

I currently reside in the Washington, D.C. metro area, where I earned Master's and Doctoral degrees in Political Science from Howard University. My research focuses on governance and globalization as it relates to oil export and youth unemployment in Ghana. Broadly, however, my areas of subject matter expertise include: international development and globalization, public policy and public administraton, and historical context and culture.

I'm happy to say I was born and raised in Alabama, but I grew up in D.C.

Success Stories

“Your research is both timely and interesting. I haven't seen anyone take a grounded theoretical approach to this topic in the way you have. Very well done.” –Dr. Abdul Karim Bangura, Lecturer, Howard University (2014)

“Reviews are fantastic! They all seem to have put serious thought into their reviews; these are the best I’ve seen to date on the exams I’ve been involved with.” –Joan Lambert, Editor, GrandMasters, LLC (2014)

"I love [your post]! It was empowering! I think we will have some definite follow up discussions about this blog! –Leondra Howard, Account Manager, P.E.R.K. Consulting (2013)

“One of your articles that I submitted has been picked up as a StumbleUpon recommended read!” -Brooklyn Dame, Founder and Managing Editor, Borderless News and Views (2012)

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