Monique Newton

Monique Newton

I Was Born on the 9th of June 1992 , in Hammersmith London. Age 3 was diagnosed with GangliaNeuro Blastoma – stage 4 cancer.My parents were told in a years time I’d be in a wheelchair and in two years time I would be dead. Several Operations later, radiotherapy and chemotherapy against the odds, I beat the cancer and sustained almost full health. As a result from the treatment I was left with mild scoliosis and an overactive thyroid..

Due to family trouble at home, age 15 I was kicked out of my house by my parents and I went to live with family, then friends and then got involved in a bad relationship with a guy who was alot older than me. I was working, going to college and struggling to live on my own at the tender age of 16. Eventually it all became too much for me and I became suicidal and had a mental breakdown. I was admitted to the priory hospital in Roehampton where I spent the next 7 months trying to battle my depression.

Hospital proved a turning point in my life. Upon leaving I decided I needed to take a hold of my life and make it into something I would be proud of and happy to live. I decided I needed to do something which would challenge me not only physically but mentally too. I wanted to take up a new sport and give myself the goal to train and compete in it within the next year. After alot of searching online and research I found Genesis gym, where I took up Powerlifting. From the moment I walked into the gym and met my instructer Dave , I knew this was the sport for me. Since that day I havent looked back.

I started Powerlifting in Jan 2010 and by November that year I was competing at the world championships in Finland where I came 1st place in the teen category. I have since broken over 45 British and European records. At 48kg Bodyweight, I have deadlifted 150 kg.

In 2011 I was chosen to be a part of the adidas Take The Stage olympic campaign where I appeared in over 30 billboards accross London. I had a short adidas documentary filmed on me and I was given the fantastic oppertunity of speaking at adverising week in new York.

I have since become an ambassador for 3 charities who I work very closely with.