Monique Renuka Badloe

In life, the most important task is to discover your own unique talents and then find a way to develop them the best you can, in order for the world to benefit from the value only you can add.

With this in mind, I started off my career with a proper education, by obtaining a master degree in both Economics and Law. This all thanks to God, my supporting family and my own efforts and discipline. Simultaneously, I discovered and developed my greatest passion in life: Indian dance, both modern and classic. Dance is an universal language, through which you can communicate any emotion or story without using a single word. Seeing a happy face wherever I perform, is the greatest reward I can ask for...

For me, being successful is all about aiming for excelllence by recognizing and optimizing the opportunities life offers you. Life offered me a great chance to combine both my intellectual skills and passion for Indian dance and culture in my current job as the host for a tv show for the public service broadcaster (OHM). Next to that I run my own business in the field of event management and consulting.

I enjoy my daily, turbulent life and accept every single day as a gift from God. Not a day goes by without me thanking Him for the opportunity to do what I like most and being able to experience my daily activities not as work, but as the joy of life!