Monique McNamara

Mantra: Creativity + Sustainability = Good business.

I am a brand and communications consultant with over 12 years of experience consulting to businesses small, medium and large. Taking a strategic and values-based approach, coupled with high-end creative, I have had the privilege of working and helping create innovative start-ups and create new markets for many of my clients. My work has varied in scope and allowed me to consult to CEO’s, Management, HR and Marketing and everyone in between.

My position has allowed me to audit each business, tailor solutions, and identify and develop support strategies, manage and implement creative strategies and communications projects and uncover further business innovation opportunities. Using my business, marketing, communications and creative direction skills, I am an innovative thinker, problem solver with an ability to find solutions to assist people and businesses to achieve their next goal.

I am comfortable working autonomously and as part of a team. Willing to travel and take on new challenges to achieve a goal. My passion is using creative to support the development of innovative and progressive business models that incorporate economic, social, environmental and cultural sustainability into their business.

I am a professional with demonstrated capacity to build strategic creative solutions that inspire, connect and engage target audiences. Let's talk!