Monique Morrow

CTO—Evangelist New Frontiers Development & Enginee in Zürich, Switzerland

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Monique Morrow is a Chief Technology Strategist. Focused on the intersection between economics, technology, and research, she is defining mechanisms and marketplace scenarios for cloud federation constructs to include security. She was previously Cisco’s Chief Technology Officer of Services, where she is responsible for aligning the Cisco Services Technology vision and architectures with the business strategy.

Monique has a track record of co-innovating with customers, developing solutions that have transcended the globe from North America, Europe and Asia. Under Cisco’s Office of the CTO, both as an individual contributor and manager, Monique built a strong leadership team in Asia-Pacific. Her specific geo-area targets were China and India. Monique’s role in these regions drove Cisco’s globalization and country strategies and met all of her targeted goals.

Monique has consistently demonstrated the willingness and courage to take risks and explore new market opportunities. These innate qualities are part of her DNA and are of great value to Cisco and all the global organizations with which she is involved.

Monique has been recognized as Top Ten Influential IT Women in Europe. She was one of 6 Global Achievers recognized for the ITU and UN Women GEM-TECH Award in 2014. Monique has been selected to be part of the elite group of women for Connected World magazine’s 2015 Women of M2M/Internet of Things feature—or “WoM2M.” She is also co-WISE Exec Sponsor at Cisco; advocate for Cisco Women in Technology and Cisco Women for Cybersecurity Communities. Monique has also been published in IEEE and other journals and speaks frequently at conferences; and has co-authored three books with 2 new books in the pipeline.

Specialties: Networking technology; Grid, cloud computing, Intercloud-Federation, Internet of Things; M2M Security and E-Health; Semantic web; Business Development

  • Education
    • City University Seattle
    • Golden Gate University