Monique Nelson

Victoria BC

Monique Nelson's Qualifications & Experience

I completed my University Education with an English Degree from the University of Victoria in 2006. Since then, my passion for learning has driven me to supplement my [superb] reading and writing skills with a Desktop Publishing Diploma and a Social Media Diploma.

I am certain there is more to come, but everything in its own due time.

I have many years of field training as a Sales & Marketing Manager for a publicly traded, international environmental technology company.

I have also been working as a graphic designer for clients from all over the world, in a wide variety of industries, since the beginning of 2010.

I look forward to working with you and developing our professional network together!

Monique Nelson's Business Philosophy

Some people are born leaders, or born chemists, or born again. I really believe I was born to learn. Therefore, in any position that I hold within my career or personal life, you can be assured that I place learning as a high priority.

Currently, I am pursuing the life of a graphic designer and food blogger. I consistently educate myself on current trends and historically proven methods. During the learning curve, I make a point to share my new knowledge with others. One of my life's guiding philosophies is that the quickest way to learn a topic through and through is to teach it.

Before I am comfortable providing a service for any given company, I must be confident that the service I am providing is a good fit for all parties involved. I love working with a variety of industries, and I enjoy learning the important factors of every company I commit to. I can assure you, when we begin working together, I will be offering you the very best of my efforts and my devotion. My job will always be, first and foremost, to make your job easier and more lucrative.

I love my work, which allows me to put my talents to the test, stretching and growing my business as I learn new and innovative ways to approach it.

  • Work
    • Flexible Solutions, Ltd
  • Education
    • University of Victoria, BA
    • Social Media Magic University
    • ICS, Desktop Publishing