Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I am Monique Murray and I Am a Soldier of Love. The work of a Soldier of Love is to make a transformational impact in the lives of everyone I meet by extending a greater measure of Christs Love than they've ever experienced. I believe you already have all the answers you need locked within you and I'm committed to endure the journey that helps you discover and unlock them. As a Soldier of Love I help you dig deeper so you can love life and be your authentic self full of GRATITUDE! Life happens and it’s not WHAT happens but our THOUGHTS and the STORIES we create about what happens that causes us suffering. I believe and KNOW if you are willing to slow down, embrace gratitude, and change your thoughts about your stories, you can and will change your life. Let me show you how to heal with my Gratitude is the Attitude formula for success.

  • Work
    • Healing Within Today
  • Education
    • Hawksbill High School
    • Hawksbill Senior High School